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What is your style?

Natural light, outdoors, fun, fresh, candids, all things vintage.


What do I wear?

I want you to feel comfortable with what you’re wearing. I love accessories such as hats and scarves, bright shoes, and any pops of color are always fun. For some style inspiration, go here.


What time of day to you prefer to photograph and where?

Your sesh will last approximately 1 hour. Most sessions are outdoors in the early morning or late in the afternoon when the light is softer.  I like to shoot at locations that represent you. So it’s totes up to you.


What is your turnaround time?

Portrait sessions: 1 month or sooner

Weddings: 6 months or sooner


Will I get the hi-resolution images?



Do you edit all the photos?



Do you have back-up equipment?

Sure do.


You’re cool. I want to hire you. What now?

We can meet for cupcakes or froyo and go over pricing details. Or we can cut to the chase, I’ll send you pricing information, you choose or create a package, you sign the contract, and give me a retainer fee of 1/2 the package price to hold your date. And then we make memories.